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Prenatal Chiropractic

Dr. Diamond-Fields has been specializing in prenatal chiropractic for the past 10 years, and is extremely passionate about helping give babies the very best start in life by making sure their mommies feel great!

Growing and carrying a baby can be physically demanding. The happier, healthier and more comfortable a pregnant woman is, the more a baby will thrive and develop as they are meant to, without limitations. If there is ever a time to take care of and nurture your body, it's during this time!  

Chiropractic is extremely helpful in balancing your body's frame and it's systems, which tend to get distorted while pregnant bellies rapidly expand, and our bodies are flooded with hormones. The Prenatal chiropractic and myofacial release (massage) techniques used look to release tension from head to toe, and create full physical and neurological balance.

The body works as a kinetic chain. So a kink anywhere in that chain creates an issue for weight bearing bodies. Since pregnant bodies are carrying more weight than normal, the stresses are even more pronounced. Pre-existing imbalances in the spine and pelvis often begin to surface around 20 weeks when the belly starts growing, so getting checked early can be very helpful in preventing pregnancy back issues.

Dr. Diamond-Fields is certified in the Webster technique, which works to balance the pelvis by removing any pelvic subluxations, restoring it's  proper bio-mechanical and neurological function. This allows proper tone to the uterus and baby to find it's optimal position.


As a "side-effect" of balancing their bodies, our pregnant patients frequently report great relief from many common issues, including:  Back Pain, Neck pain, Sciatic pain, Headaches, Pubic Symphysis pain, Numbness and Tingling or discomfort in arms and legs and Round Ligament pain to name a few. Frequently, the pregnant mommies in our practice report significant relief after their very 1st visit, and a feeling of greater ease in their body after each visit.

We use open belly pregnancy support tables to accommodate all positions comfortably from pre-conception and early pregnancy through term 40 wks +.

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